Tea Garden

The riverside tea garden offers coffee or tea to go - and a hearty, homemade Paleo bar to give you lots of energy to get to the top garden

22nd Season Awaits

It has been an incredibly busy time getting ready for the 22nd season in West Cork with repairs, renovations and renewals in the gardens, including a major pruning of the huge trees to avoid another upheaval like the huge damage after the storm last year. Also fitting in some dramatic fire fighting after the mountains were set alight in the worst fires ever.

We have also created a whole range of new sculptures to add to the ever evolving trail, from a pair of large dancing people to commemorate family and friends, which we lost in the past year, to a brood of happy chickens and a spinning theatre, an ancient dining room appearing as a surprise in the forest, more thought provoking information boards and poems and an expanded sound studio for all ages to enjoy.

Nature has done its magic again and created a beautiful Spring collection of colours, scents and sounds which are a joy to experience. And with old customers telling us they can't wait for us to re-open, the final preparations will just fly.


The Garden Guide

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