We're back

The day has arrived...after a Winter of toil we are finally open again for the 2016 season. And the sun is shining despite dire weather forecasts from Met Eireann - the Norwegians may have got it right, their international weather forecast anyway.

So now we know, where we will be every day for the next 3 months, in our garden welcoming visitors from all over the world. We don't need to travel to meet the world and his wife.

New features await them, both sculptures, more information boards about natural history or the environment and more poems. So come and enjoy our home and garden, while it is open. We had calls all through the off season about "just coming to have a look"....But the trail is largely dismantled or packed away, and it takes us months of repairs and other work to get ready to open. Welcome.

Out of season work

The 2015 season drew to a close for us, and suddenly the weather improved dramatically, with near Summer temperatures. But we do need dry weather over several weeks to be able to close down, cover up or pack away over hundreds of sculptures, installations and information boards.

That is also the reason we can't suddenly open the gardens out of season.

We also need to just draw breath and try to recharge the batteries, before repair work start all over the garden. After several months of that proces we are ready to think of new exciting installations for the coming season. With so many repeat visitors it is great to have wonderful surprises every year - even after 22 years.

We reopen on June 1st. Hopefully see you again.


The Garden Guide

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Click here to view our informative Garden Guide which is also available for download as a convenient PDF file.

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