26th season

This is the 26th season for The Ewe Experience in West Cork and in that time we have seen many new businesses come and go. 

After another winter of hard work there are again this year lots of new surprises, both installations and sculptures for visitors to enjoy. One of the favourites might be the glass pane with masks, set next to the distorted mirrors and the mirror glass tube which was very popular last year. They all give people a whole new perspective on themselves and their self image.

A lot of wooden installations came to the end of their natural life span at about the same time this winter, so a huge amount of extra work was involved and visitors probably won't even notice.

We get many calls off season asking "can't we just come to have a look and walk around?" But most of the trail is either taken down or covered up to protect them during winter. 

Shortly before re-opening a huge Macrocarpa tree came down on top of a pathway, which presented yet another challenge to deal with.

We have also worked on the infrastructure to improve the flow of visitors, with a brand new exit bridge.

Now we're open and we look forward to welcoming people from all over the world.


The Garden Guide

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